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Charles Court East Condominiums
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Cash Cow: State Senator Brian Joyce - Marcus Errico Emmer & Brooks (MEEB) Associate Matthew Gaines, Former Chief of Staff and Legislative Director - "The Power Brokers"
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+++ "A motion was made and passed to renew the management contract with TDG." That's it. Typical one liner. Reading between the lines of the May, 2016 board minutes, it would seem that The Dartmouth Group has rubber-stamped its own contract renewal. That is total corruption. I would like more details about the background of this motion and its passage. Who was involved? Were any alternatives investigated. This seems to be racketeering by intimidation to me and a total criminal enterprise. Like the Hotel California, you can check in any time you like but you can never leave! After this board meeting, Counsellor Nowell, you seemed quite upset and torn. If it were necessary, why does it seem that you feel it would be incumbent upon yourself to 'protect' these guys? You are not a 'uomo d'onore'. But I think you do have the sense that there is something 'not right' going on. Report to the AG what you know. If necessary, bring down the pillars of the house as Sampson did. Given their unwillingness to provide any meaningful information, free owners from the shackles of The Dartmouth Group, Associa, and a board that has distanced itself from owners! These guys seem like corrupt, criminal frauds. We have nothing other than their actions on which to base a judgment. Unfortunately, this IS RACKETEER SCIENCE. Ironically, these guys expect others to follow the social coventions, norms, and standards that they themselves REFUSE to observe. For renewing this contract at this time and in this manner, these CORRUPT THIEVES, LIARS, AND FINANCIAL TERRORISTS have earned my ETERNAL CONDEMNATION. I will do whatever is necessary to bust them and 'get them off the property'. +++
+++ After observing the puzzling behavior of the Charles Court East board and The Dartmouth Group for years, I can only effectively understand and make sense of it in terms of a CULT: a social group with socially deviant or novel, fanatical beliefs and practices. To the outside world, they display a Narcissistic Personality Disorder (NPD). Internally, they have their own meta- rules, norms, and logic which are UNSTATED leading to the confusion of anyone trying to interact with them. Thus, although consistent with their internal ‘belief system’, I would describe their outside behavior as seemingly ‘bizarre’ and rapacious. No wonder there is NO communication. Thus, for these guys to function in the ‘real world’, they require regulation. Their 'expertise' lies only in the exploitation of others. +++
+++ The pairing of former Texas State Senator John J Carona of Associa and Robert McBride of The Dartmouth Group is the partnership from Hell for condo owners. They rush in to fill a regulatory vacuum and exploit the situation to aggrandize themselves. The only question is how will these wiseguys divvy up the spoils obtained from owners. They are seemingly unstoppable. Although the partnership was just announced in December, 2015, it seems that there have been other financial relationships for years especially owners' condo fees being sent to a lock box of a probable Carona bank in Arizona. A few of many problem areas: (1) The Dartmouth Group claims a CPA for James Stento, but that expired 25 years ago. (2) A former property manager for TDG selected a roofing contractor behind the board's back and that contractor then demanded money to remove equipment from a roof. (3) TDG annually conducts corrupt and fraudulent election processes which start only one week before the annual meeting. (4) As has been demonstrated by the 'midnight vote' for the contract renewal, once ensconced this 'invasive species' is virtually impossible to eliminate. (5) Owners receive essentially NO ongoing financial or business information. I would like to know for example what is the bottom line that we pay for TDG management. (6) Owner input about anything is not requested and is unwelcome. There is never an attempt to get owner buy-in! The board and TDG do whatever they like. But for some inexplicable reason, there they are again! The fix is in. How can this happen? Massachusetts condo owners need Mass H1110 to help prevent such occurrences. I have been writing this site since 2007 and have apparently made little, if any, progress in attempting (1) to get more information from the board and The Dartmouth Group PMC or (2) to open board meetings to owners. I have also recommended a DOCKET of ALL OPEN BOARD BUSINESS and the eventual disposition. +++
Sci-Fi Short Film HD: "Vengeance" - by Julian Fitzpatrick. Whether Europeans in the Americas or Africa, Japanese in the Far East, or invading aliens, those with the opportunity will take advantage of others --- property managers + boards too! Mass H1110 Condo Ombudsman